The company, Kickstarter is also working on a similar game to get kids right out of the womb indoctrinated into woke trans ideology, targeting 0-3 year-olds


Still think they’re not coming after the children? Just weeks after Disney came out in opposition to law that prevents sexual indoctrination of children ages 5 thru 9, reports are that a new game has been released called “Playing With Pronouns,” targeted at roughly the same age group. Groomers are not even trying to hide it anymore.

The new game is designed to instruct young kids about the “wide array” of pronouns people wish to be called, including “ze,” “all,” “they,” and even “tree.” Yes, you saw that correctly…the game teaches children as young as four that identifying as a “tree” is normal.

The creators of the game, Kickstarter, say the game consists of “simple card games to breakdown stereotypes, practice inclusive pronouns, & expand everyday understanding beyond the binary for ages 4-9.”


In other words, the game is basically anti-science and anti-fact. Children are taught to “develop greater critical thinking skills,” while teaching them to “gender themselves and others.” The creators of this abomination are even working on a set of cards to get children really early, between ages 0-3.

Apparently, the game has already been introduced into some classrooms, with one groomer who poses as a teacher raving about it on Instagram.

That “teacher,” named Eli is a “long-term substitute” teacher for 2nd and 3rd graders who doesn’t belong within 25 miles of a child. As 100PercentFedUp notes, groomers such as this believe that because they make up less than 1% of the population and their whole life revolves around being transgender, everyone else feels the same way.

Here is a copy of the Instagram post: