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Align US is a platform that gives consumers a voice by allowing independent reviews of America’s corporate political and social affiliations and values. We provide a way for consumers to share experiential data to help you spend your money with organizations that align with your wants and needs.

Our metrics are built from unique qualitative and quantitative datasets based on seven key indicators that combine to determine how each company influences the political and social make-up of the United States.

Our motivation is to encourage companies to focus upon offering their products at a fair price, not upon pushing their agenda on us.

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Rating System

Rating System

The Align Us rating system allows users to rate, review and shop the companies that best identify with your values. No matter your political or social preference, our information is your road map to shopping with companies that you share your priorities.


Carl Higbie


CEO Carl Higbie has been a long time proponent of free speech as a media icon and former Navy SEAL. He joined Align Us team during early development and is striving for an open forum for consumers to shop with companies they align with.

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Virtue Signaling - “the act of publicly expressing an opinion or sentiment intended to demonstrate one’s character or moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue, often done in lieu of actually taking any action on the core issue.”

Political Action & Donations - “Does the company and/or its key stakeholders engage with politicians and political actors publicly, or donate publicly to key political campaigns?

Personal Freedoms - “The company aligns with the founding principles of the American constitution, including personal freedoms, freedom of speech, and open-mindedness to all worldviews.”

Public Safety - “Does this company support the Second Amendment and your right to carry? Have they openly supported movements against law enforcement?”

Freedom Ratings - “Does the company believe that people should be judged/promoted/recognized by their character and actions instead of the color of their skin? Does the company support all mainstream religious holidays? Does this company mandate that employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine?”



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