Christian Based Higher Education Enrollment On The Rise

Across the country, overall higher education enrollment has been on a steady decline - with the exception of Christian-based colleges and universities.


Nationwide: Colleges and universities across the nation are seeing an overall decline in enrollment numbers – with one exception, Christian based higher education institutions.

The decrease in overall higher education enrollment is attributed by many college experts to the increase in trade schools and specialized skill training. But the rise in faith-based Christian schools is a testament to the commitment to their roots, experts believe.

Jonathan Sanford, the president of the University of Dallas, interviewed with the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF). Sanford said, “We have doubled down on our core essence and purpose as an institution and made that well known to prospective students.”

According to the University of Dallas website, they have experience their second largest incoming class of freshman for the 2022 school year. They set the original record for incoming students just a year prior.

Sanford believes this is not coincidental. He said, “I think there’s a deep hunger in the souls of all individuals, but particularly in this generation, for a real education and real exposure to the timeless ideas and classical texts as well as real exposure to how to build upon those timeless truths and classical texts in order to be innovative contributors to the renewal of culture.”

Other Educational Institutions

The University of Dallas isn’t the only Christian-based school to see an increase in enrollment. Hillsdale College saw an impressive increase of 16% enrollment in the fall of 2021. The California campus of Thomas Aquinas College reached their maximum capacity several years ago and has maintained it since. And their New England campus has nearly tripled in as many years.

The director of relations for Thomas Aquinas College, Chris Weinkopf, said that they would have grown further, but are limited in resources.

“We can only grow enrollment as quickly as we can hire qualified new faculty, so that limits our rate of expansion to a healthy, moderate pace.” He continued, “But by God’s grace, we have experienced no difficulty in finding new students.”

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