Where millions of Americans go to find out the political leaning of businesses - or tell the world about them.

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Get Noticed

In the wake of "Go Woke, Go Broke", consumers are feeling highly motivated that they can make a difference in society simply by where they spend (or don't spend) their hard-earned money. They want to know that when they support a business, that business isn't going to spend it with organizations or give money as political donations to an agenda that goes against their values.

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Why we do what we do

We are committed to nurturing a neutral platform and are helping business establishments maintain high standards.

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Want to help restore America to its family-loving conservative values?

By contributing to Align Us, we will be able to expand our operations and reach more conservative consumers who share our values. Together we can protect businesses that share our values while exposing progressive companies who are intent on destroying our country.

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The Align Us app provides insight to help consumers spend their money with companies and organizations that align with their values and our app makes this easy.
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When you download our app you get the opportunity to make a difference and help hold companies accountable when it comes to how they spend your money.